No-Wise #477

No-Wise #471 contains a great piece of censorship. It is titled "When Did Mormon Write His Letter Recorded in Moroni 9," but it gives this as part of the "Why" justification:

Just as Mormon could look back and see a relationship between his people’s impending destruction and the destruction of the Jaredites, modern societies can look to Mormon’s record and recognize that they face similar calamities if they don’t repent.

There is a specific conference talk directly on this point titled "America's Destiny," but you'll never read about this one at Book of Mormon Central Censor because it discusses the New York Cumorah.
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No-wise #471 also gives us a chance to see how BOMCC is integrated with the book Saints. Now BOMCC is citing Saints as an academic reference. Look at footnote 5:

See “Angel Moroni,” online at
BTW, it's always fun to read about…

Meet the censors

Effective censorship is a time-consuming process.

In Orwell's book 1984, Winston Smith has a full-time job in the Records Department in the Ministry of Truth. Because the State continually revises history, people such as Winston have to rewrite historical records to match the State's latest version.

The logo for this blog is from the film version of 1984. It shows Winston dictating the revised history before he destroys the original documents in a "memory hole."

The television screen in the background shows Big Brother watching everything he does. 

Winston's not a bad person. He's just doing a job.

I envision Winston Smith working at Book of Mormon Central Censor. In my version, the M2C logo hovers next to Big Brother, reminding Winston that anything he comes across that does not promote M2C must be destroyed.

In the book, Winston secretly disagrees with what he's doing at work. He is curious about what really happened in the past. He becomes a &quo…

The stamp of approval (censorship)

If you see this symbol on a blog post, web page, publication, etc., you can be sure that the material has been approved by the censors:

This is the trademark for Book of Mormon Central, aka Book of Mormon Censor (BOMC).

You can see their web page here:

The organization is a member in good standing of the M2C citation cartel because it is dedicated to persuading everyone to disbelieve the prophets about the New York Cumorah. This is so they can continue to perpetuate their Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory that they have invested so much time, energy and resources to develop and promote.

The formal name for the M2C citation cartel is "Mormon Voices," which has a web page here:

The description of Mormon Voices includes an awesome euphemism for the filters they use to accomplish their censorship objectives.

MormonVoices is a federation of organizations united in our efforts to build and defend the restored gospel of Jesus…