The stamp of approval (censorship)

If you see this symbol on a blog post, web page, publication, etc., you can be sure that the material has been approved by the censors:

This is the trademark for Book of Mormon Central, aka Book of Mormon Censor (BOMC).

You can see their web page here:

The organization is a member in good standing of the M2C citation cartel because it is dedicated to persuading everyone to disbelieve the prophets about the New York Cumorah. This is so they can continue to perpetuate their Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory that they have invested so much time, energy and resources to develop and promote.

The formal name for the M2C citation cartel is "Mormon Voices," which has a web page here:

The description of Mormon Voices includes an awesome euphemism for the filters they use to accomplish their censorship objectives.

MormonVoices is a federation of organizations united in our efforts to build and defend the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. As an umbrella organization, MormonVoices coordinates fund raising efforts for the gathering and promulgation of scholarly, trustworthy, and faith-building information.

The citation cartel defines the terms scholarly and trustworthy to mean "accepts M2C." They refuse to publish anything that contradicts or even questions M2C--especially the teachings of the prophets.

There are several unofficial members of the citation cartel, including BYU Studies, Meridian Magazine,, and individual blogs written by people who work for these organizations.

If you don't see the stamp of censorship, you can still rest assured that you are reading "approved" material so long as the name of the censor is present. Here's a helpful reminder:


  1. Book of Mormon Centra . . . er, ah, Censor! Ha! I like it!

  2. Honestly, Mr. Neville, your M.O. of making puns out of the names of your nemeses (as you see them) has worn thin. It's the kind of thing that kids on the school playground do, and is beneath the dignity of a mature adult—let alone someone who claims to follow Jesus Christ.

    It must really burn to know that Elder Kevin Pearson, speaking at last week's FairMormon conference on assignment from President M. Russell Ballard, spoke highly of Book of Mormon Central and suggested that Latter-day Saints support it materially.

    Who's the one who's not "following the prophets"? I'd suggest you take a long, hard look in the mirror.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I actually don't mind the word plays. Jonathan, continue.

    3. Hi Brother Parker. Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. I was present at Elder Pearson's talk and I really enjoyed it. As I've explained many times, there's nothing I'd like more than to see Book of Mormon Central be successful as a neutral repository of all Book of Mormon related material. But as long as they continue to repudiate the teachings of the prophets about the New York Cumorah, without letting those who still believe the prophets participate, I'll continue to speak out.

    4. I’m afraid that, until you understand why your characterization of the argument is both flawed and pejorative, you won’t understand why Book of Mormon Central and other serious, reputable organizations like it won’t post Heartlander theories.


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