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No-Wise #477

No-Wise #471 contains a great piece of censorship. It is titled "When Did Mormon Write His Letter Recorded in Moroni 9," but it gives this as part of the "Why" justification:

Just as Mormon could look back and see a relationship between his people’s impending destruction and the destruction of the Jaredites, modern societies can look to Mormon’s record and recognize that they face similar calamities if they don’t repent.

There is a specific conference talk directly on this point titled "America's Destiny," but you'll never read about this one at Book of Mormon Central Censor because it discusses the New York Cumorah.
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No-wise #471 also gives us a chance to see how BOMCC is integrated with the book Saints. Now BOMCC is citing Saints as an academic reference. Look at footnote 5:

See “Angel Moroni,” online at
BTW, it's always fun to read about…